let's meedioget app
let's meedioget app


Easy-to-use video meetings with one-click access. No signup or login required. Encrypted and GDPR compliant. Customizable for virtual customer engagement across online and social channels. 
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let's meedio!

  • Host video meetings with simple features and seamless connection from web browsers and mobile devices.

  • Join meetings instantly from app, web or phone with just one click – no registration or login required.

  • Meet customers through a simple and secure video integration across any platform and channel.

  • Talk, share and chat through an encrypted and GDPR compliant technology that ensures the highest level of privacy protection.

free video meetings

Free and easy-to-use video meetings with up to 50 people and unlimited meeting duration. Features include screen sharing, Raise Hand, waiting room and group administration. Be called up when a meeting starts. One-click access directly from web browsers and mobile device. No registration or login required. Read more.
  • Are you working from home and need a free video communication platform to collaborate with colleagues?

  • Are you having business meetings that conveniently can be held through a secure video connection? 

  • Do you want to join an easy-access video meeting with no registration or login required?
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virtual customer engagement

Meet users, customers and citizens virtually. Simple video integration on any platform and channel. With just one click, visitors can interact with you in real-time through a secure video connection from any device and browser. Queuing-system included. Read more.
  • Are you a municipality wanting a better and more efficient way to communicate with citizens online?
  • Are you a retailer or e-commerce wishing to improve sales through an enhanced customer experience?

  • Are you a company or organization aiming to take your customer support to the next level?
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